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May 01, 2011


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Patrick Carlson

One tool I couldn't do without is KeePass. I'm responsible for many different accounts at work (web hosting, domain names, facebook, WiFi, stock photos) that I needed a way to store and sort these accounts.

Enter KeePass, a password safe that I keep in my dropbox. It organizes my passwords into email, database, social media, web tools and personal buckets.

Craig Sorrell

I have two tools I cannot live without. I use Evernote all the time. I use it during meetings, and can instantly send out the note if needed. the fact that I can use it on any computer, and any mobile device really amplifies the utility of the service. It has eclipsed my use of Pages and Word.

I also use Bento (Mac users only) to organize just about everything. I organize my contacts, progress on projects, events, and manage lists. A great tool that can be used on the iPad, iPhone, and Mac to organize. An incredibly easy user interface and intuitive file cration makes this one of the best digital organizational tools I have found.

The mobile mom

Being a working mom on the go, I couldn't survive can't without my "purse". (Vera Bradley commuter bag) It has my netbook, smartphone, mifi, kids' artwork & forms. In the car I keep an ac adapter, phone/bluetooth charger, and ipod charger.

I use google calendar, tasks,& docs to keep me on schedule.


Thank you for this fabulous topic, KiKi and to all the commenters. I am using some of these tools, but plan to try a few more and have been searching for another big commuter bag, so thanks to mobile mom for that. For me, Google Tasks acts like that virtual post-it note for my day's to-dos, GroceyIQ app is the shared mobile grocery list btwn me & the fiance -- sending me an alert when he's added or purchased something. I was just reading about time saving tools like Klok, Manic Time, SlimTimer, Rescue Time, and Project Hamster on Lifehacker, but haven't tried them yet.

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